Bunny Hop

If you are part of our VIP DAHaus group you received this cute Chocolate Bunny Hop Stool this week. This is an exclusive color gift to our group but we have 6 other colors up at our Marketplace Store. They are the perfect fun little decoration or gift for friends and family. Hop on over and pick one up today.


Art of…

Our newest set is a act of art; origami, haiku and bonsai. We bring these new pieces together in a bit of an homage to the art of Japan in the Soga Desk Set. We wanted it to be clean and modern with a splash of light and color.

 The Fire Bonsai, with its delicate red leaves, is included with this set we felt that it could stand on it’s own. Both can be purchased at our Marketplace Store or stop by the Flagship location to have a look at the details of the set before you buy.

Fire Bonsai



We have this set up for sale for some time but are just now getting around to letting everyone know.

Lama Lounge Set

This 100% originally created mesh set features the Lama Lounge that has 8 texture change fabrics in a variety of eye popping colors, the Aero Lamp and the Sea Defense shelf as the main features.

We pair that with a display of knick knack’s: the Morgretto Frame, Tin Can Gang and the Horizontal Vertical Oval statuettes.

With the full set you also get the Geometric Feature Wall, the Hexapot plant and the Wave Rug. All items are for sale individually on Marketplace We hope you enjoy this new set!

Mixed Bag

We have been busy putting together more new releases. We have another small set, a chair and 2 fabulous lights. The Chell Interview set includes 2 of our new items and is highlighted by a overall curve. The Wall is really the backbone of the set with it’s double cut design the mirrors the shape of the BOWtie Ceiling Lamp and the Chell Chair. This set is perfect for a small space or a large room looking for a wall divider with interest.

Chell Interview Set

Chell comes in 6 fabrics so if the chair included with the set isn’t your cup of tea, we’ll have something that will. These chairs are copy, a first for us. We are aiming to make your shopping experience better with us, we’ve heard your requests and hope this helps.

Digital Camo detail

Lastly we have the LyteTube Lamp. A modern marvel; we really love this light. The sleek design is warmed by the natural wood case. It’s will add a great style element to any room. Both lights have a modifiable light switch, we like this design element, hope you do as well.

LyteTube Lamp

All piece have been put on Marketplace and at our Flagship Store. Stop by one or both and have a look today.


DAHaus has had an interest in natural elements for our sets. For this one in particular it started with this bench carved from a tree. The Ent Bench uses the reaching branches for that extra something special. Pairing it with vintage and geometric shapes we felt that it was a ‘myriad’ thus the set came to be.

Myriad Set

Ent utilizes the best poses and small details like a small pile of tacks set at the edge of the bench. And the glare of light off the vinyl record bowl. lean in can you see who the artist is? The light will allow you to fully customize the look of the light it gives off. And should the wall not suit your color palette? Simply touch to change to a selection of colors that will suit your space better.

As always all pieces are 100% originally created mesh. Piece can be purchased as a full set at our Flagship Store and on Marketplace. Interested in separate pieces, please visit Marketplace for a complete listing of items.

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